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About Us

Casyopea® was established in the summer of 2003. Our first shop opened doors in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. The positive feedback we received from our shop’s conceptual design encouraged us to further develop it. Casyopea® managed to maintain and moreover expand its unique position of a leading chain of shops in its sector.

In our dynamic everyday life, it is never easy to find a delicate balance between pleasure, family, and career. Casyopea® gives you a chance to make time for yourself and enjoy it. We also believe that “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body) is the correct way to a happy life. That is why we invite you to leave behind your daily routine and spice up your life a little. By stepping into one of our stores you will step into a magical dream or in a fairytale where you will enjoy warm welcome and service and will pamper your senses with the broad variety of nourishing spa products with exquisite scents.

All of our cosmetic products, soaps, and candles are handmade. All are manufactured with love and care in our own factories where we use unique aromas and ingredients, a gift from Nature. Casyopea® is against animal testing and use of animal ingredients. Nowadays after years of hard work and research, we believe that we have finally created the winning formula of “Your Own Private Spa”.

Since 2012 Casyopea® is a member of the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC).

On 2016 we are certified for producing natural products by the Bioagricert Natural Cosmetic Standard.

There are 4 main categories of soaps. All of them are handmade.

Glycerin Soaps - These soaps are suitable for the maintenance and caring of normal to oily skin. The high glycerin and coconut oil content helps to preserve the natural level of the skin’s moisture.

Cream Soaps - These soaps contain high level of Shea butter and Coconut oils which deeply nourish the skin. The cream like consistency, combined with Shea butter and Coconut oils, helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. They are suitable for normal to dry skin.

Olive Oil Soaps - These natural soaps are based on olive, palm, coconut, sweet almond, avocado and Shea butter, mixed with dried flowers and herbs for deeply nourishing and softening effect. These ingredients maintain the skin beauty and supple. They are especially suitable for dry to sensitive skin.

Loofah Soaps - Loofah is one of the world’s renowned plants used for deep and efficient massage, while keeping the skin smooth and healthy. Combined with the natural glycerin soaps, this product provides the skin with an active exfoliating effect, a pleasurable massage and a feathery aromatic skin. Using this product regularly helps improve the blood circulation, skin elasticity and has an anti-cellulite effect