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We handcraft every cosmetic, soap and candles in our factories, so we can guarantee that you are getting the same good quality every time. We put all our care and personal attitude.
We have a strict policy against “animal testing” and believe animals should only be subjected to excessive amounts of love!
SLS, parabens and sulfates are forbidden words around here. You won’t find them in our ingredient list! We only use what Mother Nature gave us.
For each product we use ingredients of natural and organic origin, delivered from their region of extraction. Thus, they best retain their qualities and properties.
Luffa is one of the oldest known plants in the world used for deep and efficient massage and maintaining good skin condition. Combined with the natura..
5.00 лв.
Natural body oil from the first day of your child! Protects sensitive baby and infant skin from dehydration and loss of elasticity. Nourishes and soft..
17.50 лв.
The mineralizing bath crystals make the skin smooth and embellish it with the vital Dead Sea minerals contained in them: Mg, Ca, K, Zn, Br, Cr, SO4, F..
12.00 лв.
Natural, handmade soap based on oils. In Indonesia, the plant is called ylang-ylang "Flower of Flowers" because of its exceptional, captivating scent...
9.00 лв.
The set contains:Rustic cardboard box Night wish body cream with coconut, ylang-ylang and argan oils Body scrub with brown sugar Natural soap w..
74.00 лв.
INCI Olea Europea Husk Oil, Tocopherol, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cera Alba, Tocopheryl Acetate, C..
19.50 лв.
Organic Lavender water 100 ml.
-20 %
Lavender water is obtained after steam distillation. Moisturizes, cleanses and hydrates, soothes irritations, scaling and redness on the skin, helps w..
5.20 лв. 6.50 лв.

Casyopea - Welcome the Nature

Casyopea® was founded in the winter of 2002, followed by the opening of our first store in Sofia. The positive feedback on the concept of creating Bulgarian natural cosmetics encouraged us to continue to develop and enrich our product line.

We create products for everyone who cares about clean and honest cosmetics for themselves, their family.

With the current dynamic pace of life, it is not easy to find the delicate balance between pleasure, family and career. We created Casyopea® to give you the opportunity to enjoy the time set aside just for yourself. We believe that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the right way to lead a happy lifestyle. That's why we invite you to put aside your daily routine and at least slightly improve your life.

All our cosmetics, soaps and candles are handmade. They are all produced with love and care, as we would make them for ourselves, our children and friends. We use unique flavors and ingredients given by Nature.

Casyopea uses natural, unprocessed raw materials and extracts that combine with low heat treatment when needed to maintain their beneficial properties and help you show the best version of yourself and the feel of your face and body, with a healthy, hydrated and irresistible skin and radiance.

Casyopea is against animal experiments and the use of animal ingredients.

Now, after years of hard work and research, we believe we have created the winning formula of "Your personal spa collection" read more about us

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