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Cocoa Butter 106 ml.

Cocoa Butter 106 ml.

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It illuminates
It illuminates

Cocoa Butter with an Unmatched Composition

Cocoa butter not only aids in tanning but also soothes, moisturizes, and strengthens the skin. It delays the appearance of aging signs by stimulating collagen production in the body. Cocoa butter is a product that deeply nourishes and maintains the lipid layer of the skin. It penetrates deep into the tissues, absorbs easily, and significantly accelerates regeneration, making it particularly suitable for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars of all kinds. The butter maintains the skin’s optimal pH, giving it a velvety and radiant appearance. Cocoa butter is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, rough, mature, or severely dehydrated skin, as well as for stretch marks.

Rich in Valuable and Beneficial Substances

Cocoa butter is extremely rich in valuable and beneficial substances. Its composition includes essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium. It contains a high dose of B vitamins, vitamin E, and many natural antioxidants. All these qualities of cocoa butter have led to its rapid adoption in the cosmetic industry over the past decades, especially in the production of natural cosmetics, natural soaps, and pharmaceutical creams.

Due to Its Exceptional Beneficial Effects on the Skin, Cocoa Butter Has Many Applications:

- Soothes, Moisturizes, and Softens the Skin: An excellent means of preserving the youthfulness of the skin.
- Stimulates Collagen Production.
- Absorbs Quickly and Easily: Nourishes the tissues deeply and enhances their regeneration, making it suitable for reducing scars of all kinds.
- Maintains Optimal pH: Gives the skin a velvety and radiant appearance.
- Suppresses Inflammatory Processes: Does not cause allergies.
- Purity and Natural Origin: Makes cocoa butter suitable even during pregnancy.
- Regular Use: Significantly increases skin elasticity. Hence, it is very popular in cosmetics for pregnant women and anti-stretch mark products.
- Facilitates Tanning and Prolongs It: Enhances the natural sun tan. For this reason, it is also used in the production of many sun protection products.
- Chocolate Aroma and Relaxing Effect: Widely used in many aromatherapy procedures. And we all know that chocolate is also considered an excellent aphrodisiac.

Warm a small amount of cocoa butter in your hands, then gently massage it into your skin.

(Cocoa Butter) - 100% cocoa butter

Natural cocoa


106 ml. 

  • 100% natural composition
  • Contains natural and organic oils, extracts and herbs
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan
  • Created with gentle technology, for the full preservation of the invaluable qualities of natural ingredients.
  • Does not contain synthetic ingredients, mineral oils and chemicals
  • Free of silicones and petroleum products

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