1. Forgoten password – How to log in with my old profile?

Click the link and fill in your user name and e-mail address with which you have registered. We will sent you a new password to log on. Then you can change it with your own, easy to remember password.

2. How to shop in

You don’t have to be regestered user to shop in If you have made your choice and have decided to purcahse from go to the product page you’ve chosen and click the button “Add to cart”. Then click on the “Basket” button. Here you can correct the products and their amount. You can also type your promo code next to the “Apply Coupon” field and our system will recalculate your order with greater discount. When you click on the red text in the “SPEEDY (At prices of courier)” you can see how much the shipping will cost you. After you are sure in your choice, click the “Proceed to check” button. That will lead you to the page with all you order details: link to log in/registration in the website (if you wish one), link to enter your promo code, notes, billing address, shipping address, your whole order, ways of payment. After you finish with all information, check  “nd click “Place order”. After taht you’ll see all your order details: number, date, address, contact name, way of payment and the order. We suggest to print that page and to keep it.

3. How to register in

In the upper right side you’ll see “My account”. After clicking you can fill your user name and e-mail. Your account is created after clicking the activation link. You’ll recieve further information on your e-mail.

4. Where to see my order list?

You can see it after clicking on the “My account” button in the upper right side. You can see all your orders and their status.

5. How I can browse goods in

Clicking on the product category in the right upper side of the page, you’ll see all products from the specific category with pictures and names. When you click one, you’ll see all the products. Here you can choose the product you prefer, to get more information and to see it bigger. You can order it by clicking “Add to cart” button.

A recieved order can be returned within 7 work days after getting it, if the products are not unwrepped, opened, used, with any abnormal presentation and all other conditions under Article 55 of the Law on consumer protection. The costs of returning the goods shall be borne by the buyer!