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Casyopea® all the way to Hong Kong

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During 2014 we met Ada Chu a wonderful woman full with creative energies who fell in love with our Casyopea and these are her milestones bringing our brand there:

IMG-20141226-WA0022Oba (Asia) is a new Hong Kong company dealing with skin care products.  Oba started business in 2013 and start looking for special & good quality skin care products.  Due to the hot & humid weather in Hong Kong, the long sunny summer is energetic, joyful & precious.  In view HK ladies love real good floral water, Oba started searching for nice Damascus Rose Water.  Knowing that Bulgaria is the biggest exporter for the famous Damascus Rose products, Oba contacted Lea 1 for her Casyopea® products which are 100% made in Bulgaria using natural ingredients.  Based on the common appreciation and believe “Welcome the Nature”; together with the good quality of Casyopea® products, Oba has the honor to act as the sole distributor in HK / China / Macau.

IMG-20141001-WA0055From August 2014 onwards, Casyopea® had been exposed to the market :

**Sept 2014 – 2014 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo held in Harbin, China: Harbin is a very Northern areas of China, the weather there is very cold & dry during the winter time.  Products like Shea Cream with Rose Oil / Baby Massage Cream / Massage Candles / Body Cream with Avocado / Rose Water were overwhelming accepted by clients.  Product texture, smell and quality were very distinctive from what they can buy from the market.

IMG-20141228-WA0023**Oct 2014 – a new sales office had been set up in Dongguan China for China sales.

**Oct 2014 – opening of WeChat Store to sell the Casyopea® products in China via mobile apps.

**Nov 2014 – exhibited in the largest exhibition of the year – CosmoPro held at HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre which is the biggest exhibition center in Hong Kong)

Harbin - staff 1**Dec 2014 – exhibited in Mega Showcase held at HKCEC

**May 2015 – exhibited in SisterPro Exhibition held at HKCEC

**coming Sept 2015 – will exhibit in SisterPro Exhibition held at KITEC (Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre)

**coming Nov 2015 – will exhibit in the largest exhibition of the year – CosmoPro held at HKCEC

**coming Oct 2015 – will open online shop in Taobao under the category “international brand from overseas”

During the several exhibitions and showcases, all HK & China clients we obtained started reselling Casyopea® products via their own networks.  Positive feedbacks like:

IMG-20140922-WA0046**Rose water is the best selling products so far, the floral water from distillation of Damascus Rose being loved, especially during the hot & humid summer.  They like the natural smell, and the comfortable mist, they even use it as the toner.

IMG-20140922-WA0043**Day / Night / Eye Cream are good and comfort all skins in general.

**Hand cream is so comfortable and not oily at all.  It helps to improve skin texture progressively.

**Shea Cream with Rose Oil, this is real good especially for my very dry and rough skin during the dry winter season.

IMG-20140922-WA0047**Natural Soap, we are afraid to use the chemical cleanser especially there are so many reports from various medias about the Paraben

**BB Cream, Beauty Salon told us that they recommend the cream to clients after “Face Laser” treatments.  Face became very dry and BB cream can help to improve & restore the skin elasticity and dryness.

Magazine Exposure – Casyopea® products were periodically advertised on the monthly Beauty Magazine.

Trademark – BG Casyopea® is being used in China; whereas Casyopea® or BG Casyopea® is being used in Hong Kong market“.


We are full with hopes and expectations on the way Casyopea is going to pass in this big market- a combination of great quality product with fair price should ( and will! ) catch the eyes of the local customers and bring to a successful cooperation as it is till now.

Good luck, Ada!

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  1. Grace CHU says : Отговор

    she is really a wonderful Woman!

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