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Aromadiva – excellent partnership with sunny Greece

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Anastasia-Tilegrafou-AromadivaAromadiva was created out of love for natural cosmetics in the beginning of 2013. Our main principal was to always offer best quality at the lowest possible price and for that reason we chose Casyopea as our main supplier. Initially, our goal was to focus exclusively on natural cosmetics, but market trends revealed opportunities in France perfumes resembling the big brands. Thus, Aromadiva store became reality and brought along an amazing world of beauty.

People embraced this effort from the very beginning with positive testimonials, expressing their satisfaction and enthusiasm, and slowly started recommending Aromadiva and Casyopea products to friends and colleagues.

Our cooperation with Casyopea expanded to the extent of becoming exclusive distributors in Greece. Also, Aromadiva maintains wholesale department, taking part in various exhibitions, events, advertisements, and promotions.

P1010238Best knowledge of the products is of much significance to us, and we always make sure that we train our staff properly. Our wide range of products can easily fulfill the needs of companies such as tourist shops, natural cosmetics stores, perfumeries, pharmacies etc. We provide a recommended product mix for every single one of them, created out of their specific needs.

Additionally, no minimum order quantity is required, and the profit margin is significantly high.

Aromadiva also provides:

  • 407132_466908640045008_1849067215_nFull guidance and help to customers that intend to start running their own store.
  • Full products training to the company’s staff.
  • Additional training regarding the different ways and methods of selling our products.
  • Promotional leaflets, translated in several languages, for distribution in tourist areas and attractions.

We are based in Thessaloniki and our address is Leoforos G. Papanikolaou 58, Pefka. This is where our retail store can be found, and it serves as the base of operation as well. You can also find us online at www.aromadiva.gr.

We are ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the best products for your needs. Basically, in Aromadiva…”we are here to intrigue your senses”!

W: www.aromadiva.gr

@: info@aromadiva.gr

 T: +30 2310 676658

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